On Evolving

Ongeleigh Underwood

One day at lunch 5 years ago at the historic Chattanooga burger place Zarzour's, I saw a sign on the wall that said : "Owning your own business is like owning a boat - the two best days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it." On the verge of starting Temperate, I of course scoffed at the sign and moved on with my day. But I have since had plenty of times where I remember it and sympathize with boat owners around the world. Sailing across the wild blue yonder of autonomously building your dream can be troubled with expensive maintenance and the relentless pressure to keep afloat. 

Over the last four years, if I have learned anything it is that continuous evolution is the only way to move forward.  So I have decided to change the way the business operates to allow for higher creativity, as well as a more balanced lifestyle. 

What does that look like? Well first, I have always wanted to support all the incredibly talented artisans I have had the opportunity to meet and work alongside of over the years. So adding in a lifestyle product element to the site was a no brainer. I hope that this portion has the opportunity to grow bigger and bigger so that I can promote the folks I admire the most and who make products in a truly dignified way; sustaining both their intentions and the planet.

Second, I had to change the way in which we make clothing. The system of producing small batches of each collection, and then having excess inventory and general inefficiency was really egging on me. The solution to a more streamlined process is switching to made to order, which allows for drastically reduced waste and energy. With pre-ordered clothing, I am also able to offer naturally dyed garments again (which gives me so much joy!), as well as some really fantastic ethically-made fabrics that I truly believe in. 

So all in all, I hope that you enjoy this renewed energy and direction that I am taking Temperate. Nothing about my values of sustainable materials and high quality has changed (in fact my standards have grown!). The Newsletter List will get an exclusive look at the site on Wednesday, with a few other goodies mentioned below. Let me know what you think - I hope you will reach out - post, follow, comment, peruse, and patronize! 

Much Love to All,
Ongeleigh Underwood