SALE | Tellico Duster

SALE | Tellico Duster

45.00 135.00

Part of the 07.2016 Collection

The Tellico Duster is an open, midi-length layering piece whose versatility is endless. And the hemline, oh my! It is great left open if you want to feel like a superwoman in a cape (a stylish, chambray cape), and it can also be belted for a more styled look. Looks great with a summer dress, shorts, boots, sweaters, all of it!

40" at bust
44" at waist/hip
46" long

87% organic cotton/13% hemp. 

In 2016, Temperate designed and released mini-collections each month, which provided new styles more frequently while minimizing resource waste. Because of the short time frame of this cycle, only a small number was made of each piece. 

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