Jolene Dress | White Stripe

Jolene Dress | White Stripe


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Ingrained side pockets, relaxed sleeves, and a midi length define this classic dress. One of our all time best sellers, the Jolene dress has proven again and again to be a standard go-to for dressing up, down and especially layering (our favorite!). 

55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton

Designed and handmade in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Temperate makes contemporary womenswear with an emphasis on fit, quality in production, and elegant style. Our clothing is made with protein and cellulose fibers from the most sustainable sources available. We choose only organic cotton, and use other fibers that don't require pesticides like flax linen and hemp.Each piece is crafted with careful thought to the cut, color story, and all those bits of magic that make a piece of clothing come to life. 

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