Temperate's Manifesto


We exist to give our customers the confidence to live intentionally through well-designed wearables. 

Our mission is to make stylish basics in limited editions to be worn in every season, year after year. We strive for fit, quality in production, and elegant style.  Temperate clothing is made with protein and cellulose fibers from the most sustainable sources available. We choose only organic cotton, and use other fibers that don't require pesticides like flax linen and hemp. All designing and sewing is done by hand, one piece at a time in our Chattanooga, Tennessee studio.



Earth-Friendly Practices

From seed to skin, every part of the process of making a Temperate garment is done with integrity. We believe that the ability of a family farmer to steward their land is a cause worth supporting, and that artisans play a large role in cultivating a strong, local economy for the long-term.

We only work with fabric suppliers who personally vet the agricultural standards and manufacturing facilities of their sources. We look for companies who have industry certifications such as ISO 9001, Cradle2Cradle, USDA Biocertified, Control Union, OCIA, ASTM, NOP and others. Over the years we have developed relationships with these providers as well as mill owners in the United States. The organic cotton we use is exclusively grown and processed within 1,000 miles in the Southeastern US. The value of these processes are built into the price of our clothing. 


Intentional Design + Stellar culture

Collections are produced in limited editions because it represents an intentional design and vetting process. We are calculated about our production process and aim to be as efficient as possible while reducing waste. 

Each piece is crafted with careful thought to the cut, the color story, and all those bits of magic that make a piece of clothing come to life. Our light filled studio on the North Shore in Chattanooga, Tennessee is where we design, cut and sew each piece. We often add in unique touches through collaborations with friends. We work in a consistent feedback loop with our customers, and are always evolving in our ultimate quest to find that perfect balance between comfort and elegance. 

1% Give Back

One percent of profit at Temperate goes back into building our local fiber landscape - to a program by our friends at Fibershed that is designed to develop agro-ecological models of fiber generation. 

Driven by a desire to enhance the land and resources we use for clothing, Fibershed is developing systems for restorative farming and processing techniques. Fibershed adopts the precept that we should be as concerned with the origins of our clothes as we are with the origin of our food. From a micro perspective, the health of our bodies rely on the purity of the garments we choose to clothe ourselves with. From a macro perspective, the wasteful and toxic industrial processes involved in global apparel manufacturing are decades behind the sustainability movements that have swept other industries. Temperate contributes to the Fibershed Southeast affiliate program. Learn more about the Southeast Fibershed and their projects here

The designer behind Temperate Clothing, Ongeleigh Underwood, started the sustainable fashion line in 2013. Temperate has since expanded into a micro-production facility based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Ongeleigh did not take the traditional route to fashion designer. With an Environmental Science degree and experience working within the high fashion houses of London, her combined knowledge of sustainability and fashion have merged in her endeavors at Temperate.